Questions for 2019 Annual Review

General Review How does 2018 look vs. the ideas, dreams and goals from the AR 2018? What were my biggest successes (and failures)? Do the month-by-month list of items (what happened, what did I ship, where did I travel, etc.) Talent Stack Model Talent Stack What I have developed in 2018? What the key achievements […]

My 30+ Book & Course Recommendations - for High Performance, Marketing, Finance and More

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hey, Greetings from Copenhagen! It’s been the nicest, sunniest, and warmest spring over here I can remember–like, we’d probably more days over 25 degrees (~75-80 F) so far this spring than the rest of my almost eight years in Denmark combined. It’s good times. It’s so nice that I even […]

Why You Should Visit Ethiopia + New Book Announcement

Hey! I normally don’t do long-ish trip reports, but this month I will. It kind-of built up spontaneously – I just wanted to write a few lines about my trip to Ethiopia, but the few lines ballooned a few dozen paragraphs! Besides that, I’ll share some news on my next book below 😎 Ethiopia – […]

Strategies & 52 Tactics to Improve Quality of Life

Hello, It’s almost April! 2018 is flying already – so, in this email I want to point to specific ways you can make it a healthier, happier and more comfortable year. Quality of Life (QOL) is a vague concept, but, according to Google, you can pin-point it to your personal health, happiness and comfort. Specifically: – Health – […]

I Had a Website Ranking #1 in Google for "Beautiful Women" - But Screwed It Up + Round-the-World Trip Update

Alright – I went ballistic for this newsletter, and ended up writing the longest one to date. This month, I open up on my past as an internet marketer for the first time – specifically, the darker “black hat” side of it, and on how I gamed Google and Facebook to bring 2.3 million people to […]

Top Productivity Tools & Framework for a Successful Start to 2018

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello, Happy 2018! I hope you’d a good start for the New Year – I had a hectic (good hectic) first weeks. It’s always good to start the New Year with a bang. In this issue – three things: a) “The State of Productivity” – My Recommended […]

Buying a Round-the-World Plane Ticket for Under $1.000 + Merry X-Mas

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello and Merry Christmas! Greetings from Tallinn – and long time don’t talk! I’m in Estonia for the holidays, a cold and cozy time, perfect to relax and catch up. I didn’t have much to share lately, but do so now: a) The DIY Round the World […]

How to Stay Safe Traveling to Dangerous Places + Flying "Cheap" in Latin America

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello from Panama, I’m having a good time here, and it has all been in line with my plans and expectations. Over everything , it’s good and refreshing to be back in my side of the world – the spontaneity, the “closeness”, the shouting 🙂 Traveling Out of Comfort […]

I'm Moving Across the Ocean + Do You Spend Enough Time With Your Key Friends?

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello, While the past few months have been a bit quiet, this time I’ve some more news and writing to share. This email is bittersweet though – part good news, part sad as well. I’m Moving Across the Ocean   Let’s start with the good news – I’m […]

The Greatest Luxury in the World + Back in Latin America?

Milestone Of Success - Red Testing this one, too!

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hola, It’s been some time! It’s been the two busiest months in a long time for me work-wise, and I’ve spent most of the spare time researching, thinking about and working on a couple of major investments. In this context, and with my hands full, I kept going […]

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