Mario Scian

Hi! I’m Mario. I’m from Argentina, currently working for Maersk in Denmark. I’m a big history fan, write books, create video courses and have traveled to around 115 countries so far. I can also cook amazing pizza.

There are three broad areas where I’m focusing on:

1) Business Development & Strategy

I’m all about identifying, developing and executing business deals. I’ve been working as a business developer both for major corporations and for startups:

– For the Maersk Group, which includes the world’s largest shipping company, I’ve worked analyzing and negotiating procurement projects worth over 200 million dollars
– For the Carlsberg Group, the world’s fourth biggest beer company, I’ve implemented the company’s biggest ever process and systems roll out in three business units
– I’ve launched two companies – an online marketing and sales business that reached 2.3 million website visits and a “startup factory” that, at one point, employed 20 interns and volunteers


In all cases I take a hands-on role in negotiations and focus on and strive to become the best at closing the deals.

2) High Performance & Productivity

I aim and work to be the best version of myself every day – I’m constantly investigating, learning, and applying high performance routines and other productivity tools in my day to day. I share my findings with others, in ways such as:

– I wrote and published The 21 Laws of High Performance, a go-to book on how to achieve your goals by applying habits and routines over the long term
– I turned the material in the book into a live workshop for companies and a video course in Udemy
– I write a monthly newsletter with my latest experiences and experiments

I’m obsessed with learning and self development and, through my writing, courses and presentations have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate top performers continue upping their game.

3) Career Development & Lifestyle Design 

I’m a living proof that you can have a high-flying international career and live a life of adventure at the same time. It’s a full world of opportunities out there, and the way careers develop has dramatically changed – many of the old days’ impossibles are now available for the ambitious to catch.

– I was born and grew up in Argentina, but, as stated above, worked my way to two of the world’s top companies, plus also studied or worked for an extended period in Argentina, Brazil, Panama, the USA, Austria and Denmark as well
– At the same time, I’ve been in the midst of an epic world tour – I’ve traveled to well over half of the world already
– I’ve built a reputation for execution and a world-class international network in the areas I’ve decided to focus on

I opened a doable path for an ambitious, world-beating yet unconventional career that anyone can follow, and have helped dozens via seminars or consulting.

If you’re attracted or work on in any of these three broad fields, by all means reach me out. I’ll be happy to meet you!

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